Microwave ovens ARDESTO GO-E865B without rotary table

Əsas Yeniliklər Microwave ovens ARDESTO GO-E865B without rotary table

Microwave ovens ARDESTO GO-E865B without rotary table are now available at ERC warehouse.

The main difference between these microwave ovens and standard solutions with rotary tables is its innovative design with a flat wide bottom of the inner chamber. Now you can use large and rectangular dishes for cooking dishes in this model of microwave ovens.
The function options of ARDESTO GO-E865B microwave ovens include: auto-cooking, sequential cooking, delayed start, defrosting by weight of the original product and quick defrosting, as well as the eight most popular auto-cooking programs.
The microwave oven`s total volume is 20 liters, with the power of 800 W.
The mirror finish of the door and the convenient electronic control perfectly complement the device`s modern appearance and enhance its technical capabilities.

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Black microwave without turntable. The design is complemented by a mirrored door. The electronic control panel is equipped with a display. The power of GO-E865B is 800 watts, there are five levels of adjustment, and the internal volume is 20 liters.
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