2E shredders for documents and other media such as CDs, credit cards, etc. are available for order.
When developing the 2E smartwatch, special attention was paid to endurance and toughness for use in almost any conditions. Long battery life - up to three weeks or more - is typical for all 2E smartwatches. No need to constantly monitor...
We are inviting you to series of short online meetings regarding Commvault Backup and Recovery product, where you can see possibilities and benefits of this enterprise class backup and recovery system.
The full-scale war began a year ago. On the anniversary of moscow’s attack on Ukraine, from February 23 to 26, the event «Light Will Win Over Darkness» will take place in the squares of more than 100 cities in 80 countries of the world,...
Scientific and educational Same Toy sets introduce children the basics of natural sciences. Schoolchildren will learn what chemical elements are, see the results of their interaction with their own eyes, recreate an active volcano...
The world-famous brand of audio equipment is now available on the Azerbaijan’s market.
Sizi və ailənizi qarşıdan gələn Yeni il bayramı münasibətilə təbrik edirik!
For daily cooking and creating exquisite masterpieces in the kitchen at home or in a restaurant, you need a lot of kitchenware. So how do you choose cookware that is easy to cook with, reliable to use, and doesn't cost all the money...
Malların kataloqu
Malların kataloqu