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ARDESTO is a brand of reliable household appliances, climate control equipment, dishes and home accessories. We create products thinking about you and your comfort. daha çox göstər

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The manufacturing facilities of the ARDESTO brand are located in Europe, Turkey and China. We think and take care of the future, do our best to improve your life, make it more comfortable and extend your time for relaxation and enjoying your free time.

We use only the best materials of the highest quality in the production of our household appliances and accessories. The equipment of the factories complies with the international standards, and all ARDESTO products undergo strict quality control at all stages of production and are certified according to European and Ukrainian standards.

A wide network of authorized and certified service centers located throughout the country provides warranty and post-warranty service to our customers.

We create a product that will serve you for many years!

malın kodu: AR2926BC
7 AZN*
Pastel blue ceramic buffet plate, 26,5 cm diameter. Made of environmentally friendly material. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
malın kodu: AR2920BC
5 AZN*
Pastel blue ceramic soup plate, 20 cm diameter. Made of environmentally friendly material. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
malın kodu: AR2916BC
5 AZN*
Pastel blue ceramic salad bowl, 16 cm diameter. Made of environmentally friendly material. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
malın kodu: AR2914GGC
5 AZN*
Bagheria series Ardesto Pastel green salad bowl with the diameter of 14 cm. Made of 100% environmentally friendly ceramics. Suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.
malın kodu: TR-Y5
17 AZN*
Convenient and compact nose and ear trimmer. The compact body of the trimmer is made of practical plastic, and the shape of the standard nozzle with a steel blade provides convenient use. One AAA cell is used for power.
malın kodu: LESH-Y305
49 AZN*
Wireless epilator with 40 minutes autonomy, two speeds, and removable head.
malın kodu: AR2645ORB
17 AZN*
450 ml thermal mug with vacuum technology for temperature retension – up to 8 hours for hot drinks, and 12 hours for cold drinks. The outer orange metal part has glossy texture. The inner part is made of 18/10 stainless steel. The non-slip base prevents overturning, and the plastic lid has silicone pad and drinking opening button.
malın kodu: KSTM-8041
199 AZN*
Stand mixer for whipping of ingredients and quick dough kneading. The delivery package includes a bowl with a lid and three types of nozzles.
malın kodu: OFH-09X1
84 AZN*
2000 W oil filled radiator with 9 fins and heating area of up to 20 m2. There are castors and convenient handle for easy moving, the power cord can be easily fixed on the case. Overheating protection and rollover sensor are provided for safe use.
malın kodu: HBK-1601BR
119 AZN*
Premium immersion hand blender for quick grinding of ingredients and preparation of various sauces and drinks. The package set includes a nozzle for mixing and a measuring cup of 600 ml.
malın kodu: CHK-4001BR
74 AZN*
Compact black chopper for quick chopping of ingredients and cooking a variety of sauces. The package includes a glass bowl and a double knife.
malın kodu: YCM-D1200
199 AZN*
Drip coffee maker with a capacity of 1050 W is intended for making coffee from coffee beans or ground coffee. Coffee maker YCM-D1200 is equipped with a coffee grinder, an electronic display and a glass coffee pot.
malın kodu: HSB-621
23 AZN*
Straightening brush with a ceramic coating and temperature control for quick straightening and creating a smooth hairstyle.
malın kodu: RVC-S600W
429 AZN*
A compact robotic vacuum cleaner ARDESTO RVC-S600W with the wet-cleaning function and remote control. It can work without recharging up to 90 minutes, which is enough to clean an area up to 120 m2. Equipped with a water tank (130 ml) and a dust box (0.4 l).
malın kodu: RVC-S1300W
499 AZN*
The futuristic design of the ARDESTO RVC-S1300W robotic vacuum cleaner, as well as its wide functionality, creates a great atmosphere in the house. This little space " buddy" provides dry and wet cleaning of area up to 120 m2. It is equipped with water tank for 110 ml, and the dust container for 0,4 liters. You can control vacuum cleaner both with the help of the remote control and mechanical push-buttons on its body.
malın kodu: RVC-S1200B
479 AZN*
The stylish black ARDESTO RVC-S1200B robotic vacuum cleaner let you forget about brooms and mops, because it is able to independently carry out dry and wet cleaning on an area of up to 120 m2. To do this, it is equipped with two side brushes, a dust container (0,5 l) and a water tank (150 ml).
malın kodu: ETB-211B
79 AZN*
Electric toothbrush ARDESTO ETB-211B with sonic cleaning technology and DuPont medium bristle hardness. Much better than conventional brushes at removing plaque and calculus. It has four modes of operation: standard cleaning, for sensitive teeth, whitening and gum massage.
malın kodu: ETB-003DOG
29 AZN*
Kids electric toothbrush ARDESTO ETB-003DOG with a unique cute dalmatian dog design turns the process of brushing teeth into an exciting game. Soft bristles gently clean baby's teeth, providing thorough and careful care. Protection class is IPX6, therefore the brush can be washed under running water. Powered by two AAA batteries, their life will be enough for several weeks of continuous operation. For children from 5 years old.
malın kodu: AR2615PG
27 AZN*
1,500 ml jug with lid for hot and cold drinks. It is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and the wood stainless steel lid is supplemented with silicone sealant.
malın kodu: HS-615D
39 AZN*
Hair straightener in black color with ceramic coating and electronic control for hair straightening and curling.
malın kodu: AP-200-W1
289 AZN*
A multifunctional air purifier with the 3in1 filter, four different speed modes, timer function, sleep and ionization modes, touch control panel with light indicators, and a display of air quality indication.
malın kodu: GK-STC20
299 AZN*
Electric grill with a power of 2000 W, touch control, six automatic cooking modes, temperature, roasting, and doneness control, as well as an automatic product thickness determination. The full grill-plates opening allows using both surfaces simultaneously, as well as provides the possibility of separate temperature setting for each plate. Removable non-stick coated plates and a tray for collecting grease and other waste make cleaning and washing of the device convenient and easy.
malın kodu: T-K200
59 AZN*
A stainless steel case toaster for simultaneous browning of two slices of bread. This toaster series is provided with heating and products defrosting functions, as well as an automatic shutdown at the end of the toasting cycle. The construction of the appliance allows the two-side radiant browning of bread, the toaster supports seven heating modes with an automatic toast pup-up in the end of the toasting cycle. The T-K200 is also provided with a removable tray for handy collecting crumbs and other wastes.
malın kodu: AR2936CGC
5 AZN*
360 ml Bagheria series Ardesto warm apricot cup. Made of 100% environmentally friendly ceramics. Suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.


Microwave ovens ARDESTO GO-E865B without rotary table are now available at ERC warehouse.
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