ARDESTO double wall mugs are not just tableware, they represent a small revolution in the world of enjoying both hot and cold drinks. These versatile ARDESTO mugs made of borosilicate glass are designed to provide comfort with every...
The modern kitchen is a vast space for culinary possibilities, where traditional cooking methods gradually extend beyond boundaries. There are many kitchen devices that simplify the cooking process and make it more creative. Among...
There is a variety of modern heaters, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average user to choose. Electric convectors and heaters are household devices for providing comfortable and efficient heating of rooms. Electric...
The gaming industry has always been dynamic and rapidly evolving, improving not only graphics and game content, but also the ways in which gamers interact with virtual worlds. Obviously, gaming peripherals and hardware play an important...
A fairly common request, when you need to assemble a 2x2 video wall from available or non-specialized displays, now has a simple solution. Cypress CDPS-4KQ-AD Video Wall Controller!
TV or projector is installed too far from the player or computer? Standard length HDMI cables is too short? This is no longer a problem!
AVer Information, the world's leading manufacturer of video conference systems, has expanded its range with a new solution - the PTZ VB350 video bar for medium and large premises with two lenses and a hybrid 18× zoom.
Need to ensure simultaneous playback of the original image on 2, 4…10 screens, and even more without losing quality? Or maybe you need to show video content without delay in a restaurant or sports bar? Need to broadcast video reviews...
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