Yeni ən yaxşı G3420B oyun monitoru 2E GAMING monitor diapazonunu tamamlayır.
Yeni 2E GAMING 31,5” G3220B oyun monitoru 2E GAMING monitor çeşidini tamamlayır.
2E SoundXTube harada olursunuzsa olun, unudulmaz atmosfer yaradacaq: evdə və ya açıq havada, səfərdə və ya qonaqlıqda, Bluetooth 5.0 və ya AUX kabeli (3,5 mm) vasitəsilə. İki 48 mm-lik aktiv dinamik, ümumi gücü 30 Vt olan bir cüt böyük...
A wide range of products and the high level of quality of its execution, regardless of the complexity of the design - this is what attracts and is one of the main criteria for choosing the ANTEC computer components. ANTEC offers a...
We are happy to present to you a brand-new version of chassis for building a stunning gaming system or workstation, a simple stylish home PC that will ideally fit and complement any modern interior - FARA R1 SST-FAR1B-PRO.
Microwave ovens ARDESTO GO-E865B without rotary table are now available at ERC warehouse.
Do you want to watch your favourite movie, TV series or show with the clearest sound and rich bass like in a real cinema? Then the wireless soundbar TAB5305 by Philips will help to create such an unforgettable atmosphere with a new...
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