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Govee is a leading international smart home brand that has been delivering personalized experiences through continuous innovation since 2017, designing and creating unique technology products in the lighting, home appliances, and smart home categories. daha çox göstər

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Since 2017, Govee has been striving to make life smarter.


As one of the 5 fastest growing electronics brands in North America, Govee has always been committed to delivering meaningful, personalized smart home innovations through a wide range of smart lighting devices. The manufacturer admires those who strive to create amazing spaces and believe in the power of collaboration to make life brighter. The brand strives to expand the ecosystem and improve conditions for everyone.


The uniqueness of Govee lighting systems is provided by innovative developments and technologies, such as:

CogniGlow™ – an AI-powered information recognition and deep learning solution for the lighting industry developed by Govee.

DreamView – an intelligent technology based on Govee’s IoT system that uses light to display screen information or music in a single environment via Bluetooth.

RGBIC – Govee’s latest light display technology, featuring advanced IC (independent control) chips that allow multiple colors to be displayed simultaneously on a single light strip.

Envisual – an innovative method of color zoning that calibrates and locks to ensure accurate color matching.


In Ukraine, the Govee brand line is represented by a wide range of products in several categories: home cinema lighting, gaming equipment lighting, interior lighting (light panels, table lamps, lamps, floor lamps, nightlights and LED strips for rooms), automotive and street lighting.


Govee makes life smarter.

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