Выгодный “back to school” с ERC Азербайджан!

Əsas Kampaniyalar Выгодный “back to school” с ERC Азербайджан!
Kampaniyanın keçirilmə dövrü: -dan 17.08.2022 -dək 30.09.2022

Onwards to new knowledge and success! Choose from a variety of toys, gadgets, tech and school supplies at a great discount for the whole family!

It is now even easier to choose which backpack and accessories will accompany your child to the land of knowledge, along with discounts on favorite brands. After all, right now you can buy quality products at a very competitive price! And not only for your student, but for the whole family!

A range of favorite and popular brands is already waiting for you!

Hurry up to take part in the action! Here everyone will find something unique and so necessary for themselves and their child!

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