News of the budget cooling segment from 2E GAMING AIR COOL with a TDP of 130W

Əsas Xəbərlər News of the budget cooling segment from 2E GAMING AIR COOL with a TDP of 130W

When assembling a personal computer, you should take care of its stable and long-term operation. Of course, this applies not only to periodic preventive maintenance, but also to the successful combination of system components, the organization of a comfortable temperature regime and ventilation of the computer case during operation.

Components of PCs operating at excessive temperatures fail more quickly, and therefore their service life is reduced. It is worth remembering that without proper ventilation and cooling, the computer system will become ineffective and may shut down at the most critical moment.

The processor is the main component of a PC that manages all devices, performs logical and arithmetic operations of various levels of complexity. The processor housing is made of aluminum. A question arises regarding the need for additional means to cool it during operation. Why do you need a radiator for the processor, can it not independently remove excess heat through the aluminum surface? Here it is important to understand that there is such a concept as contact area. The processor is small, and the air does not have sufficient thermal conductivity to remove all the heat produced by the processor, regardless of its complexity and modification.

You should also take care of active blowing of all system components and ventilation of the computer case.. Overheated air is no longer able to effectively absorb additional heat. This leads to the accumulation of thermal energy in the PC case and overheating. In this case, the automatic shutdown of the system will work, or it is possible to damage or disable its components.

We offer a universal updated range of cooling for the processor and case from 2E GAMING AIR COOL, which will complement the system and ensure its efficient operation.

2E GAMING AIR COOL (AC90D4-RGB) RGB,775,115X,1366,1700 FM1,FM2,AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,AM4, 90мм,2510-4pin, TDP 130W Processor cooler

2E GAMING AIR COOL (AC90D4) OEM,775,115X,1366,1200,1700, FM1,FM2,AM2,AM2+,AM3,AM3+,AM4, 90мм,TDP 130W Processor cooler

Cooling for the processor 2E GAMING AIR COOL (2E-AC90D4-RGB) with RGB lighting, updated model:

  • a compact cooler with a quiet 90 mm fan, which has nine blades and a hydraulic bearing;
  • the fan speed indicator is 600-1700±10% rpm, while the noise level does not exceed 8-20±10% dBA - it is almost 10 units lower than the previous modification. For comparison: the range of noise level for human perception is from 10 to 20 dBA - inaudible / quiet;
  • the hydraulic bearing ensures stable and quiet operation, does not overheat under high loads and, unlike other types of bearings, is designed for a longer period of active operation;
  • the compact aluminum radiator of the cooler has a classic tower design, with a height of 130 mm, does not interfere with the system components located on the motherboard. Indicator of heat removal from the surface of the processor: 130W;
  • four 6 mm copper heat pipes are embedded directly on the surface of the base, using the technology of direct contact with the surface of the processor DTH (Direct Touch Heatpipes). Design features of the polished base of the cooler increase the efficiency of heat removal;
  • the kit includes convenient mounting on current sockets, it is not difficult to install and dismantle (if necessary), thermal paste with a thermal conductivity >1.63 W/M-K. If desired, it is possible to replace it with a thermal paste from the 2E assortment with a higher thermal conductivity and improve the cooling performance. In the "Instructions for use" for the device, there is detailed information on the configuration and installation on the indicated sockets.

Bright RGB lighting of the fan, compact tower shape of the aluminum radiator, which ensures efficient heat removal in the middle of a limited space, perfectly polished base, which has direct contact of the heat pipes with the processor, and the affordable price of the device are significant arguments for choosing 2E GAMING AIR COOL ( 2E-AC90D4-RGB).

Since the AIR COOL (2E-AC90D4-RGB) model is quite popular and taking into account the wishes of users, the range is supplemented with a similar cooling system for the processor, but without RGB lighting - 2E GAMING AIR COOL (2E-AC90D4). Such an offer will interest system integrators, will be appropriate for budget PCs and practical for economical users.

2E GAMING AIR COOL cooling will ensure stable operation and excellent results!

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malın kodu: 2E-AC90D4-RGB
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CPU cooling with static RGB lighting distributed across the interior of the fan and classic tower heatsink design. Compact cooler with a quiet 90mm hydraulic bearing fan. Aluminum heatsink with four 6mm copper heat pipes that are spaced apart to increase cooling efficiency and affect airflow distribution. The TDP of the device is 130W. The cooler has a polished base surface, therefore direct contact of heat pipes with the processor using DTH technology improves heat dissipation. The cooler is also equipped with a convenient mounting on current sockets. The device is easy to install and remove.
malın kodu: 2E-AC90D4
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Function: for processor; Type: Active cooler; Fan: 1 pcs; Radiator material: aluminum; Socket: LGA 775/115X/1200/1700, AMD FM1/FM2/AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/AM4; Bearing type: hydraulic; Max. air flow: 15 CFM; Max TDP: 130 W; Power: 4-pin; Noise level: 8 dB; Dimensions: 93 x 130 x 75;
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