Light will win over darkness

Əsas Xəbərlər Light will win over darkness

The full-scale war began a year ago. On the anniversary of moscow’s attack on Ukraine, from February 23 to 26, the event «Light Will Win Over Darkness» will take place in the squares of more than 100 cities in 80 countries of the world, this is support for the international campaign #LightWillWinOverDarkness! These are official rallies and events, so appropriate security measures will be in place!

Light will win over darkness! Actions in support of Ukraine will take place under this slogan in about 100 cities of the world. The events are dedicated to the anniversary of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. Their goal is to emphasize the need to provide greater support to Ukraine and strengthen sanctions against the aggressor – the russian federation – in order to stop the war and ensure the victory of Ukraine in the struggle for independence and preservation of territorial integrity.

Between February 23 and 26, demonstrations will take place to remind the world that a bloody war has been going on for a year since the russian federation made a treacherous full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Local organizers are activists of Ukrainian communities and diaspora. Co-organizer of actions and coordinator of the campaign is the association of communities of Ukraine – Communities Army of Ukraine

The campaign called #LightWillWinOverDarkness is also intended to remind the international community that the war launched by the kremlin against the Ukrainian people back in 2014 has been going on for 9 years. The organizers emphasize that the «yellow-blue light» must win, and the moscow-putin darkness must be defeated. During the demonstrations, the rallyists plan to use blue and yellow flashlights, candles, some – torches and lighters, thereby reproducing the symbolic meaning embedded in the name of the mentioned campaign. In some cities, it is planned to create a flash mob «live map of Ukraine» from the participants of the actions, who will hold lit flashlights in their hands.

Facebook page of the organizers with a list of all cities participating in the campaign:

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